What people have said about Turning Point

The Turning Point course was an extraordinary, enlightening, healing and transforming experience. I had expected it to be challenging but was surprised at how joyful and loving the experience was. I feel that the issues and pain that, in the past, I have struggled with and felt trapped by have dissolved and I am solid and whole. A wall, a barrier, a veil, whatever it might be described as, has been removed and on the other side the world seems a very different and loving place where I can now see clearly and have real choices.

The specific changes that I have become aware of since doing the course are as follows:

1. I am more confident in speaking my mind and not saying what I perceive is wanted to be heard: I’m more honest.

2. My ‘needy’ behaviour towards my partner has stopped. I no longer need his regular reassurance and I’m able to accept his love.

3. The emotional/physical pain that I have been feeling has disappeared.

4. I’m more open, friendly, calm, peaceful, accepting and loving.

5. On the whole, I’m able to choose how I react and respond to people and events; there’s space between a trigger/stimulus and my response where I have choice.

6. I am decidedly less productive – but I’m sure this is only temporary.

7. I have a deeper inner confidence that feels unshakable.

8. I don’t feel driven by my emotional energy. The feeling of tiredness I’ve had for years has been replaced with freshness and clarity.

9. I have a sense of freedom.

10. I feel loved, loving and complete.
— Jess, Freelance fundraiser and marketing consultant
The course far exceeded my expectations about what is possible for me. I’ve come to understand how I actively sabotage my aspirations, yet how I can change genuinely and truly manifest my dreams. I’m less adversarial at work and home. Definitely blame others less now.

In a very real sense I feel as if I have been re-born within this life. I now feel as if every day is an opportunity to enjoy life. I have reclaimed my life, and found a joy I had long forgotten. I want to thank the Teachers and Service Team who, without asking for anything, offered me the opportunity to open my own door.
— Edward, businessman
I took the Turning Point course in the autumn of 2011 when I was going through a very harsh breakdown. It was a leap of faith to take it as I was feeling hugely vulnerable and over sensitive to life and had pretty much curled up into a self-protective little ball in the corner of my home!

The course was an incredible roller coaster for me, full of surprises, twists, turns, insights, emotional explosions, contractions and finally on the 3rd day…. a hugely expansive moment where the world and all my problems stopped and I came to a place of absolute stillness and self-empowered calm and peace, witnessed by everyone participating and facilitating on the course. Such was the immensity of this beautiful emptiness in that particular moment that I wrote a song about it. Every time that song is sung, the same poignant stillness is felt.

Turning Point continued to ricochet with its insights and triggers long after the course had ended. It shook up all the grungy mud and rather than it settling again, I had a fresh opportunity to see and experience the pain of my own patterning and the tools to recognise that there was always a choice to move away from the rabbit hole and into truth and self-empowerment!

It was the end of the indulgences of unconscious blaming of others, the end of unconscious victimhood, the end of fast-food blind reaction and the beginning of a new experience of ownership and deepening compassion for myself and empathy for others. Just a start mind and I would say that this is something that is still growing within me, it’s really quite blossoming now and feels lovely!!

Turning Point showed me that it’s great to be me, the authentic me, vulnerable me, masks off me!!

I found the facilitation of the course to be a perfect mixture of generous button pushing and incredible fierce compassion… and Love all the way!! It was both harsh and beautiful and I use those metaphors in those ways as this is how it was… it is an extreme course… a cathartic and completely kick the butt out of the ego experience but within it so much tenderness and seeing and beautiful holding by a whole devoted and dedicated service team There is much safety through all of it which makes it a perfect environment in which to take very uncomfortable but well worth it risks. Turning Point is a great name for this course…. I arrived crumpled and left with vision and a sense of my fresh accessible power… never looked back since!!
— Jo, Musician
Life changing. For the first time in my life I have had the opportunity to truly connect with myself and others. It’s been liberating
Greatly enjoyed it, even the tough bits and seeing patterns clearly etc was excellent. Loved the way we all bonded so quickly. I felt safe and therefore possible to practice speaking up and taking risks, being bold . . . feel more connected to others and feel stronger and more confident
— Judith, child minder
The course reaches parts that no other courses reach! Helped me push through boundaries that I didn’t know I had. The teachers were wonderful! Intuitive, insightful, caring, supportive, perfect guides through the journey and the service team were incredible, inspiring examples of unconditional giving of love and self
— Vicky, Mother
It’s the second best thing I’ve ever done! (the first was having my son). I’ve been handed the key to my life. The team of people running the course were wonderful, supportive, generous, beautiful souls. I felt 100% supported at all times.
— Suzie, actress
I’ve never been in such a safe and supportive environment
— Stephen, Family Care Worker
I feel peaceful and empowered in ways I had not thought possible before . . . I feel a new sense of wholeness, with myself and with my universe
— Lara, mother
A deep level of commitment by the tutors, an astounding focus in sessions and a caring service team made this an unforgettable experience. Witnessing others in the group with similar issues and trepidations impresses the understanding that we are all the same stuff.
— Alice, business coach
For me it was the most enriching time of my life and an experience that I will never forget . . . I learnt to forgive myself and others; I learnt to cry from my heart and soul and I ended up laughing from that same place . . . I feel very much alive; my vision for life has changed; each day is precious . . . at long last I have found myself.
— Pat, decorator