Face to face or with Skype

If there is an aspect of your life with which you would like personal guidance and support we have a confidential one-to-one Coaching and Counselling service. This can be conducted in person (we are based in Brighton and Shoreham) or online via Skype, so it is available wherever you are in the world.


What to expect from a Personal Support session?

A Personal Support Session usually lasts for one hour. The facilitator acts like a mirror and by listening and reflecting back what they have heard helps you to unravel things and see from a clearer perspective. Having some sessions is a way of helping you move forward in your life, resolving some of the areas that may feel ‘stuck’ or holding you back from being happy. Essentially a Personal Support Session is a space of love in which the false layers of the self can naturally fall away and a deeper exploration and connection can take place. It is about learning to open up more fully to life and to your own unique expression of the gifts and qualities that you embody.  Its purpose is to help you find your own answers to the challenges that you are facing.

Our style is pragmatic and integrative, drawing on various therapeutic processes  depending on what is best suited to your needs. The sessions tend to unfold in a natural and organic way without the need for rigid structure, often in ways that are revealing and surprising. Sometimes this will involve us simply listening and encouraging you to go deeper, to bring more of yourself out. At other times we may offer feedback, insights or offer a practical way of exploring things further, often encouraging you to connect with your bodies awareness of the deeper feelings that may be there.

You may like to have a ‘one off’ session, a set series of sessions or it can be ongoing and open-ended, finishing when you feel complete with the process.


Personal Support Facilitators; Mark Reeves & Michael O'Neill.

Mark Reeves is an accredited psychotherapist and counsellor, completing his training in 2006 with the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education in London. He has a Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Counselling from De Montfort University and is a registered member of the BACP.  As well as being an experienced Transpersonal Psychotherapist, counsellor and life-coach he has been teaching courses in self-awareness to diverse groups of people seeking empowerment and change for over 20 years. He runs a private counselling practise in Brighton as well as working with people over Skype. In 2016 and 2017 he studied Family and Systemic Constellations with The Centre For Systemic Constellations (CSC) and Sacred Esoteric Healing with Universal Medicine.

The counselling that mark offers has an emphasis on all aspects of ourselves, physical, emotional, interpersonal and transpersonal. Mark brings a high level of sensitivity and insight to his work, creating a very safe setting in which it feels natural for people to open up and in which they can discover their own answers. 



Michael O’Neill has been working with people therapeutically for many years, both through the work of Turning Point and outside of this. As well as his work in counselling and coaching he has been working with groups, teaching courses in self-awareness for over 10 years. He is able to help people dig deep into themselves to find truth and clarity and provides a very compassionate and caring space in which people are able to take significant steps in their personal development. Michael draws on a depth of insight, wisdom and life experience and offers a uniquely supportive and loving space in which people feel able to be fully themselves. From this relationship of mutual trust he is able to help people find focus and clarity to the next steps that are needed in their life. He is experienced in mindfulness meditation and has run regular meditation groups over the last 8 years and brings this aspect into his one-one work. He runs workshops in body-work and teaches Bioenergetics; the sensitivity and connection to our bodies also comes into his individual one-one work with people. Michael also works as a care worker for the elderly and has trained and qualified in health & social care; understanding and working in mental health; and the principles of end of life care.