We believe that behind the surface reality of our day to-day lives there is an unseen interconnection between all things and that the key to health, happiness and harmony is the recognition of our wholeness.

We provide opportunities for people to see and experience this for themselves and we consider that there is another possibility available to us all which is the potential for life to work for everyone, where people’s needs can be met without it being at the expense of someone else or of the planet; a possibility quite different from the prevailing picture of a dog-eat-dog world of basic survival, separateness and isolation.

The expression of our vision lies in creating environments where people can find the safety to gently let down their defences and connect with their heart, finding their true authentic self-expression and transcending the barriers that exist between us as people.

The essence of what we do is to provide people with the experience of safety and trust to be themselves, even if this means encountering uncomfortable or painful feelings, so that they can find a deep healing, peace and wholeness within themselves and in their day to day life.

Our aim is provide this opportunity in as many places as possible, to as many people as possible who are at a point of ‘readiness’ for growth in their life.


Turning Point is run by Mark Reeves and Michael O'Neill and was first run in the UK in 1983 having originated in Australia.

We want to acknowledge Graham Browne who was responsible for the evolution of Turning Point in the UK until his passing in December 2012. Graham was a passionate and inspirational teacher who always saw the heart of this work as being about the essential unity that underlies our differences as people, and the inherent potential for our humanity that this implies. This vision is continued in the way the courses are still run.

Mark Reeves's involvement with this work goes back over 20 years. His main skill is in creating environments in which people feel able to open up and risk themselves being seen. Mark is able to be truthful and direct with people in a way that they feel safe to receive and he brings both a sense of compassion and challenge to the work that he does as well as insight, clarity and humour and has a natural way of reaching people, with warmth, sensitivity and care.

Mark is a psychotherapist with a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Counselling and runs a private counselling and coaching practise . He has recently trained in Family and systemic constellations.

Michael O'Neill’s affinity with this work goes back to the early ‘90s when he trained to facilitate groups, honing his natural skills of working with people and he brings an abundance of fun, challenge and compassion to his teaching. He is insightful and supportive, enabling people to see the possibilities for greater freedom and potential. He has enjoyed a variety of professional careers, firstly in newspaper and national radio journalism, in sales and latterly in community care and has an honours degree in English Literature.