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Breaking Free

  • 110 Gordon Road Shoreham-by-Sea, England, BN43 6WG United Kingdom (map)

Breaking Free - 20th January 2018

Cost: £50

A one day workshop focusing on authenticity, openness and re-connection to yourself and others.

Everyone was welcoming and there was safe, respectful and positive energy at all times. It was a joy and food for the spirit to be held in that space.
— Maria

Breaking Free provides an environment of safety, trust and support in which we can cut through the usual social masks and conventions and re-connect with what really matters at a much deeper level. It is a safe space in which to let some of the barriers down and experience the relief of knowing its ok to allow the whole range of our feelings and responses to be felt and experienced without judgement. 

It is both a perfect introduction and taster for our longer Turning Point course and is also a great refresher for people who have already taken that course and want to re-connect with the core principles. The day will include a mixture of discussion, sharing, meditation and some gentle exercises.

Participating in the Breaking Free day can give you a renewed sense of clarity, confidence and empowerment in going forward to take the next steps in your life. It encourages and supports you in letting go of past stuckness and opening up to new flow and movement. It is for anyone who wants to find release from past patterns and to re-align to a deeper vision of life. 

From our childhood and into adulthood we have all developed layers of protection around ourselves which is natural and necessary as a way of dealing with some of the more painful aspects of our experience. However, this can also get in the way of being able to feel open, free and in touch with our feelings. Putting these barriers up eventually becomes habitual and part of a pattern of behaviour that we resort to automatically whenever we feel the threat of old hurts surfacing.  It is very liberating when we are able to make a choice not to go into the usual mode of protection and defence but instead to open up and risk our vulnerability. There is actually a sense of freedom and release that comes when we can be in an unguarded state, in which we are no longer needing to cover up our feelings and look like we are ok. It means we can let the mask down and feel freer to just be ourselves.

Couldn’t believe how much we got through in the time, really got a great taste of the potential of the Turning Point course and got a great deal of value from the day itself.
— Laurie
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Breaking Free