Frequently Asked Questions


Where do the courses take place?
The courses mainly take place in Sussex, in and around the Brighton area and occasionally in London.  


It is usual on the first night of the course for people who have travelled a long distance to request some accommodation for the weekend from other people on the course and we provide the framework for this to happen and encourage people to take this step in reaching out to others, as it can be a significant and enriching part of the course experience.

Do I need to attend all sessions of the course?

Yes, the course is designed as a complete programme and each session builds upon the previous one, incorporating the personal experience of everyone there, so in principle it is not something that you can simply drop in and out of.

How much does the Turning Point course cost?

The course does not have a set fee but at the end you make a donation. The suggested amount is £450.  Some people pay less than this and some people pay more.  It is up to you based on what you feel its value has been to you. There is a £50 administration fee required in advance to book your place and you will need to complete a Course Registration Form in advance of attending.

Is there any support offered after the course?
As part of the package of the course each participant is offered a series of 3 check-in sessions with the teachers which can be face to face, by phone or Skype.  The purpose of these one-one sessions is to provide ongoing support and encouragement with whatever may be arising in the weeks following Turning Point.
During the course it is likely that you will develop a rapport with other course participants and the Service Team.  An address list is provided and you are encouraged to reach out and remain in contact and people often remain in touch for many years afterwards.  There is a weekly meditation group held every Monday evening, run by the course teachers. These evenings are free and open to anyone.
We also provide Personal Support Sessions  in which you can book further and more extensive one-to-one sessions with any of the course teachers.

What type of people take the courses?
The people who take our courses come from many walks of life. There is no one type of person attending but the factor that people have in common is a readiness to make some significant changes or to enhance the quality of their life experience. You do not necessarily need to be feeling unfulfilled, or be in crisis to benefit from a personal development course such as Turning Point.  Often simple curiosity or a desire to grow and enrich your life can be the reason for participating.
The Turning Point courses are open to adults of all ages. We endeavour to meet the needs of participants with physical or sensory impairments. If you have a disability that you think might affect your ability to participate fully, please telephone us for advice before booking.

Is the Turning Point course right for me?
This is an interesting question and something that only you can answer. We do not want to present Turning Point as ‘the answer to your life’ and obviously there are a lot of different courses, practices, experiences and many possible avenues that you could go down. Ultimately it comes down to an inner impulse within you that feels drawn to take the course. Often this goes beyond anything ‘rational’ and is more of a gut feeling. However, if you are needing some further clarity as to whether this is right for you at this time then please don’t hesitate to call us and we will be more than happy to discuss it with you.

Is the course aligned to any particular religious beliefs?
No. But the course does have a spiritual basis that draws from various philosophies, particularly from the transpersonal field of human psychology and consciousness. However it is important to understand that it is not necessary for you to believe in anything ‘spiritual’ in order to participate in and fully benefit from the course.

Is it advisable for couples to take the course together?
It can be a very enriching experience to take the course together as a couple, however there are certain things to take into consideration. Firstly it is important that both individuals are fully choosing to be there and that one person is not going along simply to accompany the other or is doing it more for the benefit of their partner rather than for themselves. The other important consideration is that both parties feel the freedom to throw themselves fully into the experience and are not going to feel in any way inhibited owing to their partner being present. If you feel that that is not likely to be the case then doing it together can add an extra dimension to the overall experience and can provide an opportunity to really open up to each other and to deepen your relationship.

Should I advise my therapist of my intention to do the course?
Yes, if you are receiving any kind of therapeutic treatment or counselling then it is important that you advise your counsellor/psychotherapist etc of your intention to do the course. By doing so you are keeping them in the picture and enabling them to support you in the transitions and changes you may be going through. If they wish to know more about the course then you can direct them to our website or give them our phone number and we will be happy to discuss it with them.

What is the background to the course and what sources does it draw on?
The Turning Point courses have been running in the UK since 1983 and have their roots in the work of Walter and Gita Bellin and the Self Transformation Seminars which originated in Australia in the early 1980s. 
Turning Point draws on many different practices, ideas and disciplines both Eastern and Western. Some of the more significant ones are: transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy; Jungian psychology; transcendental meditation; The work of Ken Wilber, Abraham Maslow, Werner Erhard, Carl Rogers; and somatic psychotherapy, especially the work of Alexander Lowen.