Respond to the calling within. . .

Turning Point is an opportunity to respond to the deep calling for re-connection; to yourself, others and to the stillness that lies within.

For many of us life has become disconnected and we feel numb and cut off from our centre, often feeling like we are just going through the motions. This is partly a result of the lifestyles so many of us lead, cut off from nature and community and focusing on goals and objectives that perhaps are not truly our own. It can also be due to old hurts and pain, sometime going back to our childhood, that we have pushed away and covered up with layers of protection. As life goes on we become caught up in various distractions that keep us from facing the pain and the result is a deepening of our isolation and living our life in a ‘survival mode’, rather than really flourishing.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes
— Marcel Proust

Perhaps there is a longing for something else, a quiet whisper that tugs at us from time to time. We refer to this as the candle flame within, the unique spark of life that is at our core. Do we listen to it or do we ignore it? At a certain point the whisper becomes loud and we can no longer hide away from it. This is the readiness and it is by turning and looking within and facing the hurts and wounds of the past that allows us to reconnect with ourselves and to re-discover our natural sense of aliveness. But this also requires a willingness to let go of the control that we so often assert over ourselves and over life. To begin to let this go can be scary but it is also very liberating. The purpose of Turning Point is to provide the framework for you to do this and the safety and support to hold you as you take the step. It is the step into your life power and the courage to live your truth.

We offer a series of courses in self-awareness, Turning Point, Point of Choice and Point of Mastery as well as shorter taster courses and other trainings. All of the courses are structured to provide a safe environment in which you can open up to more of who you truly are.

Turning Point


Encompasses 2 evenings, a weekend and a follow-up session. £400

Turning Point provides a safe and fun environment in which we can go to the core of our deepest feelings, let our social masks fall away and experience the huge relief and sense of liberation that comes with being able to be our authentic selves. It enables you to break some of the deep seated and reoccurring patterns that hold you back. This is done by connecting with the underlying emotions, feelings and responses, often from our childhood and reintegrating these aspects so that you feel more at ease with who you are.

It is a dynamic combination of meditation, physical exercises for release of stress and tension, and through the sharing of life experiences gaining insight into the way in which we operate in the world, therefore opening up new possibilities for freedom and choice. 
It helps you to see things from a new perspective and to make more empowered and constructive choices, enabling you to be freer to respond in the way that you want in relationships, creativity, work and play.

People come on Turning Point for all kinds of reasons but one thing they have in common is they have become aware of an inner impulse to create a more meaningful, expansive experience of life.

Point of Choice

Point Of Choice is great fun! It is liberating. It is a course that allows you to discover your personal power and a greater understanding of your own authenticity
— Jamie, Theatre director

Encompasses 2 evenings, a weekend and 3 follow-up sessions. £400

Point of Choice is for anyone who has taken the Turning Point course and feels ready to take the next step in their growth and development. It is a dynamic and exciting space in which you will be encouraged to put yourself on the line and to fully risk your truth with each other and to leave no stone unturned! It puts everything under the microscope, our feelings, actions and the way we use our minds to perpetually weave a story designed to keep us stuck where we are. With courage, faith and the support of others taking the step with us we can step beyond this into the place of freedom, choice and aliveness.


Point of Mastery


Encompasses a residential of one evening and 3 days followed by 3 non-residential follow-up sessions.

For anyone who feels ready to step into a place of true maturity in consciousness in which you are settling for nothing less than the full expression of who you truly are. It is for those who want to find the courage to live their deepest dreams and enter into a profound voyage of truth telling, risk-taking and celebration of life together in all its dimensions. To participate in Point of Mastery you need to have already completed both the Turning Point and Point of Choice courses.  Point of Mastery is a residential course which adds a further depth to the level of sharing and connection that takes place.



An amazing day, I was desperately in need of shaking things up and reconnecting with myself and the course provided the perfect opportunity to do this in a safe, supportive environment
— Rebekah

A one day course. £45

A safe space in which we don’t have to be in our usual survival mode, where we can see that it is ok to be ourselves just as we are. To risk allowing the chinks in our armour we then open to the possibility of a deeper connection with others. The day will include a mixture of discussion, sharing, meditation and some gentle exercises, providing the opportunity to move into authenticity, openness, freedom and empowerment. Reconnection serves as a taster for our longer Turning Point course and is also a great refresher for people who have already taken that course and want to re-connect with the core principles.

Although one day is a relatively short time the collective energy of the group and the space that is held can be a powerful catalyst for all kinds of things to start to shift for you and it can be quite transformative, opening up new doors and possibilities for change.

Being in Service


Encompasses one weekend.

Being in Service is for anyone who has taken the Turning Point course and wants to be part of a Service Team on our courses. We see that we each have our part to play and unique contribution to make within the whole. The value of learning about ourselves in service is applicable in all areas of our lives.

We explore Active Listening and the nature of being able to really hear another person and be able to support them in what they need. This short training is a powerful personal development experience and helps you to connect more deeply with yourself and others.


Reclaiming Your Power

One day. £45

This day of bodywork, using Bioenergetics, breath, meditation, and music, is designed to put us in touch with our full aliveness and unlimited capacity for fun, feeling and free expression; to reacquaint us with our vibrant and natural energies within and to liberate and empower us in our daily lives and relationships. Using the vibrancy of body, breath, music, meditation & sharing – delves deeply into understanding ourselves and our relationships with our own bodies, other people and the world around us. This is a safe space in which you can fully experience your anger and power, your sorrow and tenderness, your joy and sexuality and enjoy full aliveness!