Mark Reeves
Mark Reeves
    Mark is the principal teacher for Turning Point in the UK and is responsible for its ongoing evolution and development. His involvement with this work goes back over 20 years. Mark’s main skill is to be truthful and direct with people in a way that they feel safe to receive. He creates an environment of trust in which people feel able to open up and take risks. He brings both a sense of compassion and challenge to the work that he does as well as insight, clarity and humour and has a powerful way of reaching people, with warmth, sensitivity and care. He is a qualified psychotherapist and has a diploma and a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Counselling. “The real power of this work is in seeing that beyond all of our differences we are in a very real and tangible way a part of each other. It is that vision of a unified humanity which underpins Turning Point and is the continued inspiration for my involvement.”
Michael O'Neill
Michael O’Neill
    Michael’s natural affinity with this work goes back to the early ‘90s when he completed the Turning Point series of courses. Since then he has also completed the five month Being Leadership in Service course. He has enjoyed a variety of professional careers, firstly in newspaper and national radio journalism, in sales and latterly in community care. Michael graduated with an honours degree in English Literature from Hull University in 1980. Michael brings an abundance of fun, challenge and compassion to his teaching.