Turning Point

A powerful journey of self- discovery, inner growth and transformation that challenges the perceptions you hold about yourself and what life can be like for you.

What does it involve?

Turning Point is a dynamic combination of meditation, physical exercises for release of stress and tension, and through the sharing of life experiences gaining insight into the way in which we operate in the world, therefore opening up new possibilities for freedom and choice.

It is only by acknowledging and being truthful about our innermost doubts, fears and insecurities that we can be truly at peace with ourselves. Turning Point provides a safe and fun environment in which we can go to the core of our deepest feelings, let our social masks fall away and experience the huge relief and sense of liberation that comes with being able to be our authentic selves.

Who is it for?

People come on Turning Point for all kinds of reasons but one thing they have in common is they have become aware of an inner impulse to create a more meaningful, expansive experience of life. For more information see Frequently Asked Questions.

What have participants said?

  • “The course far exceeded my expectations about what is possible for me. I’ve come to understand how I actively sabotage my aspirations, yet how I can change genuinely and truly manifest my dreams.” Edward – businessman
  • “It’s the second best thing I’ve ever done! (The first was having my son). I’ve been handed the key to my life.” Suzie – Actress
  • “I’ve never been in such a safe and supportive environment” Stephen – Family Care Worker                 Read more testimonials

Course format and cost

Turning Point is non-residential and comprises a mixture of weekday-evening and weekend sessions. It starts on a Thursday evening and concludes on a Saturday one week later. Payment is donation based. The suggested amount is £450. Some people pay less than this and some people pay more. There is a £50 administration fee required to book your place and you need to complete a Course Registration Form in advance of attending.

Below is the format of a single Turning Point course. The shaded areas are the course sessions. There is a requirement that participants attend all sessions to ensure that maximum value is gained from the experience. Please see our calendar for specific course dates.


Next Turning Point starts Thursday 08 June