Breaking Free

This is a powerful one day experiential course for people who want to find freedom from unfulfilling patterns and step into a more expansive life.  It serves both as a Taster for our main Turning Point longer course as well as being a valuable experience in its own right.

The day is about reclaiming your essence, the unique spark of life that is at your core.

We invite you to join us for an exciting journey of openness, truth telling and personal discovery, incorporating activities such as guided meditation, dynamic group sharing and Bioenergetic exercises which help us to release deeply held blocked tensions.

Breaking Free is for anyone who wants to shake things up and make changes in their life and break free from the blocks and barriers that hold you back.

We will focus on the many layers of protection we have all built as part of our survival in life.
We will see that when we create the conditions of safety and trust and have encouragement and acceptance from others we can let some of these barriers down.  There is often a strong sense of relief when we do this.

We will see that the parts of ourselves that we have learnt to hide or deny are actually the key to finding more aliveness, fullness and richness in life. We have all grown up learning that certain parts of us are ok and other parts are not ok. Because we want to be loved and accepted we have made compromises in order to fit in and belong. By re-claiming and celebrating those parts we have cut off from we can feel a sense of expansion and greater ease with who we are.

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