Breaking Free

A one day workshop focusing on authenticity, openness and freedom to be who we are.

A safe space in which we don’t have to be in our usual survival mode, where we can see that it is ok to be ourselves just as we are. To risk allowing the chinks in our armour we then open to the possibility of a deeper connection with others.

“An amazing day, I was desperately in need of shaking things up and reconnecting with myself and the course provided the perfect opportunity to do this in a safe, supportive environment.” Rebekah

“Couldn’t believe how much we got through in the time, really got a great taste of the potential of the Turning Point course and got a great deal of value from the day itself.” Laurie

“Everyone was welcoming and there was safe, respectful and positive energy at all times. It was a joy and food for the spirit to be held in that space.” Maria

We will be creating an atmosphere of trust and safety so we can drop beneath the surface and find a common ground of mutual support, connection and sharing.

The understanding behind Breaking Free is that we have built barriers around ourselves as a form of protection. Although in certain ways this has been necessary it can also become a barrier to life really working for us in the way that we want. It is very liberating when we feel safe enough to risk being seen in an unguarded state, in which we are no longer needing to cover up our feelings and look like we are ok.

The day will include a mixture of discussion, sharing, meditation and some gentle exercises, providing the opportunity for us to move into the place of authenticity, openness and truth.

Breaking Free serves as a taster for our longer Turning Point course and is also a great refresher for people who have already taken that course and want to re-connect with the core principles.

We will see that the parts of ourselves that we have learnt to hide or deny are actually the key to finding more aliveness, fullness and richness in life. We have all grown up learning that certain parts of us are ok and other parts are not ok. Because we want to be loved and accepted we have made compromises in order to fit in and belong. By re-claiming and celebrating those parts we have cut off from we can feel a sense of expansion and greater ease with who we are.