Reclaiming Your Power

A one-day body workshop incorporating Bioenergetics and power expression

Using the vibrancy of body, breath, music, meditation & sharing – delves deeply into understanding ourselves and our relationships with our own bodies, other people and the world around us. This is a safe space in which you can fully experience your anger and power, your sorrow and tenderness, your joy and sexuality and enjoy full aliveness!

Our potential for enjoying our energy is unbounded but we often find ourselves in life holding back, feeling weak or stuck or blocked, making ourselves small, giving our power to others, playing the victim role, isolating ourselves from love and separating ourselves from the incredible forces of the universe.

This day of bodywork, using bioenergetics, breath, meditation, and music, is designed to put us in touch with our full aliveness and unlimited capacity for fun, feeling and free expression; to reacquaint us with our vibrant and orgasmic energies and to liberate and empower us in our daily lives and relationships.

This course is open to anyone and there is no requirement to have previously taken any of our other courses.

Times: 10.00am – 5.00pm.

Cost £45.