Point of Choice

Point of Choice begins where Turning Point left off, going beyond our conditioned reflexes and reactions, transcending separation in all its various guises and forms.

What does it involve?

Turning Point opens the door to living life from a more expanded, transformed perspective and Point of Choice deepens this awareness and takes it to a whole other level and is based on a unique body of work focusing on the nature of our core defence mechanisms. It puts everything under the microscope, our feelings, actions and the way we use our minds to perpetually weave a story designed to keep us stuck where we are. With courage, faith and the support of others taking the step with us we can step beyond this into the place of freedom, choice and aliveness.

Who is it for?

Point of Choice is for anyone who has taken the Turning Point course and feels ready to take the next step in their growth and development. As with Turning Point, Point of Choice unfolds in an organic way that allows room for each person’s sharing. It is a dynamic and exciting space in which you will be encouraged to put yourself on the line and to fully risk your truth with each other and to leave no stone unturned!

What have participants said?

  • “Point Of Choice is great fun! It is liberating. It is a course that allows you to discover your personal power and a greater understanding of your own authenticity.  My life is no longer dominated by fear and I now have a huge understanding of my behaviour towards others . . . I have stepped into my power as a man . . . Point of Choice became the initiation I have never had.  People now treat me less like a child and more as an equal . . .” Jamie – Theatre Director
  • “Excellent theory, excellent course structure, very well put together, very well thought out.”
    Martin – Life coach and Trainer
  • “I’m not stuck in my life story anymore. Being confronted with this by Mark and the team was extremely painful yet incredibly liberating. I wouldn’t have achieved this if I hadn’t participated in Point of Choice.  Once I’d got past the ego/mind speaking my truth has been liberating. Also have found guilt no longer exists for me.  I have found my voice and power again.”
    Brice – Actor
  • “Fun, liberating and deep. Empowering to know it’s my life and I’m in charge.”
  • “Loved it, didn’t want it to end! . . . the course has given me lots of tools & insights to apply/practise. Wonderful people and the same quick and strong bonding as with Turning Point
    Judith – Artist

Course format and cost

Point of Choice is non-residential and comprises a mixture of weekday-evening and weekend sessions. It starts on a Thursday evening and concludes on a Saturday morning three weeks later.  It costs £450.  It is important that you book your place and complete a Course Registration Form in advance.

Below is the format of a single Point of Choice course. The shaded areas are the course sessions. There is a requirement that participants attend all sessions to ensure that maximum value is gained from the experience. Please see our calendar for specific course dates.