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Turning Point Reconnection Day,  January 2017


A one day course for anyone who has taken Turning Point in which we can once again let go of the ‘masks’ and being in ‘survival mode’ and be our authentic selves, loved and accepted exactly as we are.

This will be an opportunity to come together for sharing, meditation and reconnection with each other and re-visit and remind ourselves of some of the Turning Point key teachings.

Within the depth of winter, a time usually of contraction and going within we are offering a day to venture out and into a space of stillness, depth and truth telling in which we can feel the relief of being our authentic selves with each other and bring some potency to our dreams and visions for the year ahead.

If you are feeling stuck and wanting to shift things so that you feel back on track then this day is for you.  If life is flowing well for you then come and get a boost of support and empowerment anyway.

The purpose of the day is to create the safety and trust so that we can let who we are be seen and remind ourselves that all the parts of ourselves are ok, including the difficult feelings that may be there.

We will touch on some of the key understandings such as re-connection to our candle flame within, intentionality, breaking free of repeating patterns, owning our shadow, letting go of blame and how to see that whatever is happening in our life is an opportunity for growth and expansion.

The day will have an emphasis on whatever themes are brought by you and the intention is that it will be both structured as well as organic and co-created together.

It will include meditation refresher teachings to re-vitalise our daily practise, large group and smaller group sharing, some gentle but powerful bodywork and guided inner visualisation processes to help you re-connect with the life-force within and bring focus to what you want to manifest in your life.

Course teachers: Mark Reeves and Michael O’Neill

Dates & Times    

Saturday 21 January 10am – 5pm in


Payment is by donation