An overview of our courses

We offer a series of courses in self-awareness, Turning Point, Point of Choice and Point of Mastery.          The Turning Point course is a powerful life-changing experience in its own right, regardless of whether you go on to take any of the others but they do need to be taken in the above order as each one builds upon the last.

We also offer Bodywork days and Taster Courses for which there is no requirement to have taken any of our other courses and the Meditation Evenings are ‘drop in’ and open to anyone. There is also Being in Service for those who have completed Turning Point; a course that focuses on growth and personal development through being of service to others.

Our work is for anyone who has a desire to awaken more of their potential, improve relationships or make some changes to any aspect of their life. It provides an opportunity for breaking the repeating cycles and patterns in life and finding greater freedom to make more empowered choices.  Participating involves undergoing a deep inner change in the relationship you have with yourself and the world around you, finding a more balanced way of living with a deeper sense of meaning and purpose.

Our courses are structured to provide a safe environment in which you can open up and discover more about yourself. They involve sharing and discussion of life experiences, guided meditation and bodywork designed to help shift some of the limiting beliefs and ideas that you have absorbed through your early life conditioning.

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